Ultrasound Vein Doppler - Poradnia Flebologiczna

Doppler ultrasonography is currently the gold standard in the venous diseases diagnosis.

  • In recognition and monitoring venous blood clots.
  • In the diagnosis of venous insufficiency (here we use color marking and spectral Doppler)
  • And it is also necessary for monitoring patients after surgery (operation) and compression echo-sclerotherapy of the lower limbs veins.

The test is carried out in a standing position. There is no need for a special preparation. The examination is valid for about six months to a year but if thrombosis is suspected, an inflammation of veins, or a sudden swelling of one limb , the test must be repeated.

The following doctors: MD Joanna Borecka-Sobczak, MD Anna Klasa, MD Tomasz Szular, MD Maciej Osinski, MD Ewa Kuklik, MD Dominika Kwaśniak, MD Aleksandra Musińska and PhD Michał Molski carry out this examination at the Phlebology Clinic.

The ultrasound is performed by using the high-class new Siemens Acusion NX2 ultrasound device.

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