Sclerotherapy - Poradnia Flebologiczna

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive, safe treatment that involves injecting foam or fluid with an obliterating agent into the dilated veins and spider veins, and closing the inefficient, dilated and not very aestetic vessels causing their overgrowth, atrophy and giving a very good cosmetic effect.

Usually several treatments are necessary. Before the treatment a Doppler ultrasound of veins is performed in order to check if there is any insufficiency of the main trunks –the great saphenous vein or small saphenous vein.

The procedure is virtually painless, takes about 20minutes. After the treatment a compression stocking is put on and it requires a half-hour to an hour of walking.

Sclerotherapy treatment of very small spider veins is called microsclerotherapy and is carried out with a very small needle with a small diameter.

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