Liposuction - Poradnia Flebologiczna

Liposuction is the suction of the fatty tissue. It is a procedure involving the removal of excess fat from selected areas of the body and gives the possibility of body shaping.

A particular indication for the procedure-often given by phlebologists-is fatty andedema.

In our Clinic we use the Body Jet method based on flushing out fat tissue with a special solution which is introduced into the organism using a cannula.

The advantage of this method over others is that it is minimally invasive, painless and a smaller risk of typical side effects-swellings (edemas) and hematomas. The effects are visible basically immediately after the treatment. The treatment is carried out gradually and no plastic surgery is necessary which involves the removal of skin hang-ups (hangings).

During the treatment the patient is conscious all the time.

In the Body Jet method there is a possibility to transfer tissue to other parts of the body in order to model them (e.g. breasts, hand, face).

It should be noted here that suction of the fat tissue is not a way to lose weight and after the treatment you must avoid fluctuations in body weight, eat a proper diet and exercise regularly.

After the treatment , patients do not require hospitalization.

A return to full physical activity is possible after just a few days.

After the treatment it is necessary to use a compression therapy.

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