Glue - Poradnia Flebologiczna

The treatment of venous insufficiency with the use of endovascular glue is a relatively new and minimally invasive method.

The main chemical component of the glue is cyanacrylate. It has been Known in medicine for a long time, which combines strong adhesive properties, high elasticity and bacteriostatic.

The treatment involves injecting a small amount of glue into the damaged vein using a syringe or catheter (perforators, as well as major venous trunks).

This is carried out under ultrasound control. Pressing with the ultrasound scanner brings the vessel walls closer together and eventually glues them together . The blood stops flowing through the damaged vein and is redirected to the remaining healthy veins in the leg, stopping the process of varicose vein formation and the risk of complications.

It is worth noting that after the treatment, wearing compression stockings is not necessary, which can be of great convenience.

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