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Phlebology Clinic - we have been treating vein disease since 2009

We are the first facility in Pomerania with such a wide range of phlebology services, we offer all modern options for vein treatment. Thanks to our hard work and commitment we can provide you with comprehensive treatment – from diagnostics to the highest level treatments. At the Phlebology Outpatient Clinic, you can be assured that the selection of the appropriate treatment will be as reasonable as possible – we do not recommend anything over the top. We are distinguished by honest diagnostics. We work with doctors from all over Poland, excellent specialists. The clinic is constantly developing to make our solutions as effective and modern as possible. We are constantly improving our qualifications, we are also a training center for doctors. The greatest motivation for us is the satisfaction of our patients. We do not give in to the trend of competing with others. We do our own thing, which is constantly appreciated by our Patients. Thank you for your trust.

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Phlebology treatments

Phlebology treatments available at the Clinic       

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Speciality consultations available at the Clinic

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Ultrasound diagnostics available at the clinic       

Treatment methods

We offer more than 10 treatment methods.

The basis for success in treating varicose veins is proper diagnosis, evaluation of vein condition and qualification performed by an experienced phlebologist. Which procedure a patient will be qualified for is an individual matter and depends on many factors – the condition of the veins, examination results, accompanying diseases, and the needs of the patient. A great advantage of the Phlebology Outpatient Clinic is the fact that during a single visit, diagnostics is performed along with specialist advice and a treatment plan. We work in such a way that the Patients feel taken care of and leave the first visit with all the necessary information. We offer more than 10 treatment methods – Patients with vein disease at any stage will find an effective solution with us.

Our team


Dr n. med. Joanna Borecka-Sobczak


Internal Medicine Specialist, Specialist Angiologist, Phlebologist

Lek. med. Anna Klasa


Internal Medicine Specialist, Endocrinologist, Phlebologist

Lek. med. Ewa Kuklik


Specialist in radiology and diagnostic imaging, Phlebologist

Dr hab. n. med. Agnieszka Piekarska


Internal Medicine Specialist, Hematology Specialist, Clinical Transplantation Specialist

Dr n. med. Magdalena Antoszewska


Specialist in general and vascular surgery

Dr n. med. Irina Borisovich


Internal Medicine Specialist, Aesthetic Medicine, Phlebologist



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