Before the surgery - Poradnia Flebologiczna

For the first visit you need to prepare and not to forget to take with you:

  1. The list of medications currently being taken.
  2. A list of questions and in case of doubt to ask the doctor.
  3. A copy of medical records ( previous ultrasound examinations, other information papers)
  4. ID card (PESEL)

What does an ultrasound test look like?

The examination usually does not require any preparation. The test is non-invasive, safe for people of all ages, safe for pregnant women, painless.
The standard examination of the shin is from the groin to the ankles (in special cases the lower part of the abdomen is examined) The test should be carried out on both limbs.

In order to have an examination, the patient undresses from the waist down and remains in the underwear.
The test is carried out in a standing position.

Before the sclerotherapy treatment:

  1. Two weeks before the planned treatment, please take phlebotropic drugs (medicine).
  2. If you have your own compression stockings, please take them with for the treatment.
  3. On the day of the treatment, do not use lotions or creams on the legs.
  4. Reserve time for a compulsory walk after the treatment.

Preparation for rectoscopy and anoscopy:

On the day of the test, a cleansing ingelot (hegar) in the morning and 2hours before the test.
Currently, ready-made pharmaceutical preparations-enema or rectanal-available in pharmacies are used for preparation.
The preparation is carried out by the patient at home.

Before the EVRF, EVLT surgery of the saphenous vein and other surgical procedures, one must have current morphology and INR, HbsAg and anti-HCV tests and on an empty stomach for about 5-6hours, have a shaved leg (including the groin – in case of a saphenous vein).

In case of any doubts you can always call our clinic and use the telephone support where the reception and doctors will provide the necessary information.

A contraindication to the treatments are all severe systemic or uncontrolled diseases, such as; arterial hypertension, circulatory failure, hypothyroidism and overactive thyroid gland, diabetes.
The treatment can be carried out when the diseases become steady and stabilized, after consultation of an internist before the treatment (control is included in the price).